iSi Advanced Bicycle Carrier Systems - Engineered Freedom
iSi Advanced Bicycle Carrier Systems - Engineered Freedom

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iSi Advanced Bicycle Carrier Systems - Engineered Freedom

COVID-19 Operational Protocols

To all our fellow adventurers,

We’re constantly monitoring the situation with the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (and COVID-19) and closely following the recommendations and projections of the relevant health authorities and scientific specialists. Consequently we’ve made a few changes to our normal operation.

We need to do our best to lessen the chances of spreading this virus so we have halted access to our showroom and public areas. You’re welcome to pick up but you need to stay behind the yellow chain at the front of building 17. Moreover, we’ve asked staff to keep at least 2m separation from other people so please don’t be alarmed if we keep back and don’t shake hands. A Vulcan salute works for us.

Since we manufacture from 100% Australian steels and materials, we haven’t been affected by supply issues from products imported from outside Australia. In other words, the factory is running to make sure that we continue to satisfy demand for bicycle carriers and people can get away from the usual haunts and practice social separation away from country towns and other people. Remember that travel is currently discouraged to keep regional communities safe. Can’t be too careful.

Internally we follow the relevant guidelines to keep ourselves safe and healthy but that isn’t really of consequence to our customers– other than to feel safe that the supply of iSi product continues. That’s about it really. Business as usual(ish) but with minor changes to personal contact with others.

From all the team here at iSi, please look after yourselves, your colleagues and your families during this unprecedented time. We thank you for your continued support and see you on the trails when this is over -– away from crowds.