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iSi Advanced Bicycle Carrier Systems - Engineered Freedom

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iSi Advanced Bicycle Carrier Systems - Engineered Freedom

North America Overland SPECIAL

Australian Strong - iSi Extreme Duty 4x4x2-400/40 Special Bundle

$695 USD
delivered to your door

Bicycle 1 Wheel Size
Bicycle 2 Wheel Size

After huge demand from fellow adventurers in the United States of America, iSi has responded with a fantastic USA bundle that actually encourages people to get out and travel with bikes on board.

Thoroughly engineered and rigorously tested over many thousands of miles over the roughest and toughest tracks and terrain, iSi bicycle carriers are precision manufactured to traverse the most severe track surface conditions on the planet.

The first of these special USA bundles is a volume build of the iSi compact 4x4x2-400/40 Extreme Duty Bicycle Carrier combined with the compact high profile pivot base designed specifically for off-road vehicles like the popular US specification Toyota 4Runner, Tacoma, Tundra (including the awesome TRD) as well as the Land Rover Discovery 5 and popular trucks like the Ford F-Series, Dodge RAM and GM Silverado.

The iSi Extreme Duty 4x4x2-400/40 is the most popular of all modular configurations and with 40 degree departure, ready to tackle the toughest trails. Nice and tight to the rear of the car and pivot down all the way for easy access to the rear cargo area. Being able to lower the carrier and open the rear fully has an added advantage if you have rear drawers and fridge slide fitted because you will be able to open those fully as well.

We've also specified the compact high profile pivot base in order to deliver the best departure clearance as possible - right from the tow bar. Manufactured from 10mm thick Australian plate steel, the pivot base is built to be smacked into the ground and dragged over rocks. It is the lowest point of the whole assembly directly behind the tow bar receiver.

Whilst this iSi bicycle carrier is tough and strong for travel over the harshest terrain, the real strength is convenience and zero hassle travel so that you make cycling part of the journey instead of just transporting the bikes to a destination to ride. It takes 10 seconds to deploy each bike so you are encouraged to use the bicycles wherever and whenever you stop.

Unload & Load Bicycles - watch how quick and easy it is to deploy bicycles and ride

What's the Deal?

We streamlined the production on a volume build of North American specification extreme duty 4x4x2-400/40 bicycle carriers and passing on the savings to the public. Moreover we've negotiated a special deal with UPS - express air delivery to your door anywhere in the United States of America so that we can get it to you super quick.

Each bicycle carrier package includes everything you need to go wheeling with two bicycles - and get into the back with Zero Hassle!

$695 USD - delivered to your door.

What you need to do:

  1. Click Buy Now.
  2. We will email you with a number of questions to confirm your vehicle and bicycles to make sure that the bicycle carrier configuration is perfect.
  3. That's it! Kick back, relax and begin planning for a whole new world of adventure travel - and be ready for a knock on the door in a few days.
Part Number
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iSi-442-400/40 Extreme Duty 4x4x2 Bicycle Carrier - Compact 40 Deg

$695 USD
delivered to your door.

Bicycle 1 Wheel Size
Bicycle 2 Wheel Size

iSi-444-PBC/H MultiFit Pivot Base - High Profile Compact
iSi-ED-HS Extreme Duty Hitch Stabilizer - 90mm Set Screw HT
iSi-ED-HS/SS/110 Set Screw - 110mm Hex HT
iSi-444-FSC/A/B Frame Support Cradle Set - Carbon Care Upgrade
iSi-444-WSC/A Wheel Support Cradle Pair Type A - 24" and larger dia.
iSi-444-WSC/B Wheel Support Cradle Pair Type B - 24" and larger dia.
iSi-ADMIN-INT International Processing & Inspection
Courier UPS Express Door to door


Lifetime - no questions asked. If something breaks we replace it - anywhere in the world. That's easy. Given that fellow adventurers rely upon iSi products to stand up to the harshest conditions in the most remote parts of the planet, we go out of our way to manufacture a product that will never fail.