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iSi Advanced Bicycle Carrier Systems - Engineered Freedom
George Vehicle: Kimberley Karavan

iSi Carrier: Kimberley Karavan Bicycle Carrier

Kimberley Karavan Bicycle Carrier

For this trip we were to explore the south east coast of Australia and loaded up with a pair of fat bikes. A beautiful new Titanium Muru Witjira fat bike and my old blue Simpson Desert race fat bike.

The bikes were to play a big role in our enjoyment during this trip and having them loaded safe and sound whilst being able to deploy them in seconds wherever and whenever we liked meant that we used them all the time. Be it a long adventure, a blast along a beach or to just pedal down the street of a country town. Just sensational to have along.

Fat bike sand tracks

Fat bikes float on sand and with a soft foot print are so very gentle on the environment.

Muru Witjira fat bike along 90 mile beach

90 Mile Beach - thankfully it's a lot shorter with a strong tail wind.

Muru Witjira fat bike at Cape Conran

One of the several inlets around Cape Conran. Stunning place on a calm early morning.

Fat Bikes - Cape Conran beach

It doesn't matter whether you're out for a huge multi-day ride or just a spin on the beach, it's always fun and plenty of opportunities to stop and catch your breath.

Muru Witjira fat bike - Banksia Forest

Miles and miles of trails to explore. Fire had been through these Banksia forests and it's all coming back. Fantastic rolling trails that were smooth and safe.

Fat Bike Carrier - Tracks and Trails

Lots of undulating tracks make for easy and a pretty journey punctuated by brief glimpses of wild wild ocean.

Fat Bike Rack - Sand Dunes

As you approach Thurra River you begin to get glimpses of the sand dunes that lay ahead.

Fat Bikes - Thurru River sand dunes

The edge of one of the dunes that drop down to Thurra river snaking its way below.

Muru Witjira fat bike - Thurra Dunes

How fit do you feel? Many options to dive into the valleys created by the sand dunes and thread your way around to the next, and the next....and the next.

Muru Witjira fat bike - Thurra Dunes

An ocean of sand. Each sand dune plateau has a gentle slope and your choice of sand moguls or smooth hard sand to bomb down.

Muru Witjira fat bike - Thurra Dunes

You have the option to crash your way down the 110m drop to the river below. It's steep and soft.

Muru Witjira fat bike - Thurra Dunes

One of the rare places where you can immerse yourself into an environment that is huge, wide, gentle and open but on a human scale so you feel at one with the place.

Fat Bikes - Climbing Sand Dunes

It's not all beer and skittles. Regardless of how fat the tyres are and how low a pressure you run, there are some sandy trails that you just have to walk up.

Fat Bikes - Beach Riding

Heading back to camp just to the left along the inlet. Sure beats walking.

Muru Witjira fat bike - Thurra Camping

Nearly there - where a cold drink and hot shower were waiting. Life is so very good.

Fat Bike - Ride to Point Hicks Lighthouse

Taking the gated road option to the Point Hicks Light House is a gentle ride and much better than walking the several km there and back.

Fat Bikes along coastal tracks - Point Hicks

Out past the lighthouse re a number of trails that hug the coastline and offer fantastic views. Along the way are several reminders of the toll this coast has taken upon shipping over the past hundred and fifty years.

Fat Bikes - Honeymoon Beach

Honeymoon beach with a pretty grass landing tucked away at the western edge.

Muru Witjira fat bike - Suspension Fork

And another gratuitous close up of that beautiful Muru Witjira fat bike.

Muru Witjira fat bike - Thurra Beach

Taking the beach option back from Point Hicks has a number of sand drop-offs to keep you entertained.

Fat Bike ride along Thurra Beach

And all along this stretch is a constant reminder of the tug of war between land and sea.

Fat Bike Carrier - Tight Tracks

The trails into Ship Wreck Creek were tight, rugged and steep. Thankfully having the bicycles within the profile of the car and van meant that I didn't have to worry about smacking them on a tree or embankment.

Muru Witjira fat bike

The bikes were invaluable where one could scout ahead to check the track conditions before committing the car and van. Took less than 10 seconds to deploy a bike and that ease and convenience took a lot of stress away from travelling through tough trails.

Fat Bike Carrier - Land Cruiser

In the end though, trees down across the track and track closures had us thread our way around a huge detour to get to camp for the night. The signposted Rocky Ridge and Boggy Creek tracks certainly earned their names. Bonus.

Fat Bike Rack - Ben Boyd National Park

Plenty of coastal tracks and trails to explore through Ben Boyd national park.

Muru Witjira fat bike - Salt Water Creek

Salt Water Creek was a great spot to base ourselves while we explored the creek and beach. Wonderful spot.

Fat Bikes - Ben Boyd Cliffs

Trails to the north leave the coastal heath and track along the deep red cliffs and into a world of colour and contrast. A wonderful way to take in the early morning.

Muru Witjira fat bike - Ben Boyd Cliffs

The sure footed fat bikes have tenacious grip on these rocks but you still need to keep your eyes ahead to avoid the deep and wide cracks in the rock.

Hump Back Whale Leap

We weren't the only ones enjoying the early morning serenity. A young humpback calf entertained us with repeated leaping out of the morning sea.

Hump Back Whales - close up

They aren't shy either. Mother humpback and calf came right up to the cliff where we stood for a morning greeting. The young are born in tropical waters and weigh in at 1.5 tons. They consume 660 litres per day of mother's milk and weigh over 5.5 tons by the time they leave Australian waters for the Antarctic feeding grounds where they feast and fatten up on tons of krill.

Muru Witjira fat bike - Fast ride to Wingan Inlet

The road into Wingan Inlet is one looooong downhill drive that is so much better on a bike. Winding through the forest with plenty of turns and water drainage bars keep the excitement up and the speed in check. Plus that glorious sound of fat tyres at speed.....

Muru Witjira fat bike - Wingan Inlet Track

The trail to the beach follows the shores of Wingan inlet.

Fat Bikes ride Wingan Beach

Cold, wet and windy made for a challenging ride along the beach to the inlet - but when the wind blows from behind, it makes for effortless speed across squeaky sand.

Muru Witjira fat bike - Kookaburra - So very Australian

One of the little visitors to camp that evening - along with a huge goanna that seemed to own the camp who lumbered by every now and then.

Fat Bike Rack - Mithcell River

Evening camp at Mitchell River just before we hopped back onto the bikes to check the place out further.

Muru Witjira fat bike - Mitchell River Gorge

The Mitchell River gorge below. Stunning place.

Muru Witjira fat bike - Mitchell River ford

The ford across Mitchell River was a show-stopper. Cold, deep(ish) and fast flowing.